Monday, 26 January 2009

Happy 牛Year!

am half dead after New Year Celebration in church last night as stayed up to prepare for Sunday School and New Year celebration on Saturday.
I was truly rejoicing , mainly because i prayed a lot for the Sunday School lesson on kingdom of God and for celebration event in our church..
Praise the Lord, one lady accepted the love of God.
Also very thankful that 4 of my friends came: Elise, Ken, Shan yee and Keith. We should have taken a photo together!
Could hardly wake up this morning for work. Called mum and dad, then grandma. A surprise that my cousin brother texted me. We have lost touch for at least 5 years!  Grandma is still happy, so that's good.
Told grandma about my move to hong kong and my plan to study bible college. Grandma said : are you sure, it's very tough path. Have you thought about it thoroughly? Grandma is a christian many years. I expected her to say "great " but she didn't. I guess probably because uncle and auntie is on this path and she knows how they struggle.
Either full time christian ministry or not, i think it is a struggle living in a imperfect world.Sermon from yesterday talk about life is not  existing, but as human being, we have a purpose, we have dreams to achieve, we have meaning, if not, we are worst than animals. At last animals, we can have their meat, or their skin can be used for handbags etc. For human being, would you want to eat their meat or use their skin? When we die, we are nothing, just dust.
Makes me think: yes, life has to be lived meaningfully and with purpose. I have worked since i left university and yet i have not enjoyed what i do. Although i had comfortable life, but i still feel i want to live my life for Some purpose or some mission.
I know it's a tough choice, but i am thankful that Albert also feels the same. Both of us will be going together. Whether we will become pastors or full time church staff, it will all depends on how God lead and calls us.
This has been playing on my mind: 
Obedience is better than sacrifice.."

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  1. Anonymous1:24 pm

    very happy to hear that you found the path of life in God's way.

    wish you and Albert all the best.

    God bless



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