Monday, 19 January 2009

2008 Reflection

Riding on 2008 roller coaster!

Lately, life has been so quick that i refused to sit down and reflect.
Being quiet always requrie extra effort compared to watching any

Another year. As i looked back, 2008 was quite a interesting year for
me. Lots of pain yet, minged with tears of joy. I realise God is so
much beyond my comprehension and for my small little mind to grasp.
Who am i , a lowly creature to try to understand God?

So is life. Life is too complicated for me to give simple any simple
solutions to anybody, including myself.

Year 2008 started with a painful goodbye to my brother-in-law,
Albert's one and only younger brother. Pain is definitely an
understatement, just as much as we try to comprehend what went on on
that cross when Jesus was nailed. It's so hard to accept the fact that
any human being can be alive today and maybe gone tomorrow.

I don't even dare to go near to even think about my own beloved
parent's departure.

The rest of the year was full of uncertainty when we made plans to
leave our comfort workplace in london, comfort church in London, to
start a new beginning in Hong Kong.

April, Easter 08 was special as i was involved in teens easter camp
entitled "REPURPOSE". God touched the young peoples' lives. I was
moved. I wanted to go into bible college. Albert asked me to be

I want to invest my lives into seeing people grow in Christ, seeing
God changing the lives of many.

In the midst of all these misery and uncertainty, God came to me, in a
very personal and special way. I wasn't even seeking Him when i went
to breakthrough weekend in June. If He wants me, He will come to me, i
thought. I didn't do much prayer and read more bible in the camp. I
just rested and spent my time on bed.

With that attitude, God touched my heart and spoke to me. Two ladies
prayed for me and at the end of the prayer, one of the ladies hugged
me very very tight and told me : God loves you very very much Irene.

I left the room puzzled. Later she told me, that hug wasn't hers. Holy
Spirit told her to do it. She could feel so much of God's love for me.

The following night, i was crying like a baby and the same lady came.
She said: God is always there with you. He has always been watching
over you. He knows you. He knows you when you started going church
since 3 years old. He never left you. When you are weeping in your
loneliness, He was there... "

Wow, if someone said that to you, wouldn't you feel loved?

That was how God caught hold of me even i was so ignorant to Him. He
knows i needed it, but i didn't want to face it. I just want to brush
under the carpet.

Since God encountered me, i was born again.

From the career side of things, i have always been mourning about
wasting my life doing things that i don't like. Of course, as a wife,
i just can't say i want to quit and that's it.

In November 08, albert and i decided to go for a 3 years degree of
Christian bible college. With that decision, we had a lot of peace
since our argument about moving to Hong Kong.

December 08 was very special for me as i knew i will be leaving my
church, ie my family. Christmas was spent with close brothers and
sisters in church. I know i will miss them....

2008, a very memorable year for me.

Finally, i am beginning to find my dream... my dream that i had when i
was 17 years old: to enter christian bible college.

All i can say is life is definitely exciting riding with my Heavenly Father!

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