Thursday, 18 December 2008

Prison Break -Event 1

After Friday, we we just so tired din bother to go anyway. Just slept.Next day, met up with friends at Mong Kok- Langham place. Very nice christmas deco.

Our retired/eldery friend told us we get discount for watching the earliest movie. So we watched it on Saturday morning, only 35hkd vs 70hkd per person on normal days. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! MUST SEE MOVIE!Trust me

Review by others:

Nicolas Tse's acting skills has matured and improved so much. The make up on that bad guy was fantastic.. those scars on his face and the blind eye. The movie was very well captured, focused a lot on facial expressions. Actors and actresses were fantastic.. suspend was great. I was so nervous about the plot of movie throughout. At night, i was still thinking about the scene from the movie.

Then dinner.

Ironically, this trip to Hong kong,we spent most of our time with elderly/retired. They are so much fun and they have so much stories to tell us !We went all over.

We were at a restaurant at North Point.I prefer Kowloon that Hong Kong Island. HK Island is too narrow and hilly and too crowded for me. The only thing i like about HK Island is the tram, which the locals call them "Ding ding". The Pink one is the Ding Ding

On our way to the tube station,I noticed the exact spot where they filmed the movie, The Beast Stalker. I was so excited. Mainly it all happened on the same day la.

On Sunday, we attended St. Andrew's church with one of our retired friends. After service, he brought us to his lovely palace: THE ARC, next to ICC.International Commercial Centre(ICC) The next tallest office building in the world.The luxurious condominium is just next to ICC.

It's famous for it's hanging garden at floor 60 overlooking the whole of hong kong and its swimming pool at 62 floor (i remember its in the range of 60 to 62 not sure). The swimming pool can overlook the whole of hong kong too. Very amazing place.

The deco it's like a 6 star hotel. The facilities are great, come with concierge and handyman service. Light bulb off ? Just call and the handyman will change the light bulb for you.

These are the view from the hanging garden (the garden on 60th floor of the condominium)

Click on the photo for clearer view

That's the weekend after exam.

I was SO intrigued by how luxurious that CONDO was. Not so much for the flat unit inside, but at the facilities of that condo, esp the hanging garden, swimming pool. The gym that overlooks whole of hong kong, the study room, the library, the free computer game room and also a lovely indoor playground for the kids.

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