Thursday, 18 December 2008

Hong Kong trip-Week 1 Prison

When i arrived hong kong, the first week was mainly studying. I attribute that as the reason for my FATness if there is such word. I slept straight after meal.. maybe it's Jet lag, stress from studying.. and maybe it's the MSG from the food downstairs. We stay above a shopping mall.. super convenient!

We were given a room.As we didn't want to interrupt with the owner's space in the living room, we studied in the room. The room has one cupboard, one double bed and a window. One step from the bed to the door. I wasn't used to it initially, but after a while, i liked it coz i am such a lazy bump.
The city planning of that area is SUPERB!
The view from our room. Look at the garden.. the place where lots of people have their exercise, except US.Does this remind you so much of those model houses when you buy a property.Often when you see it in reality, the garden is the exact opposite. But this is great!

Notice that highway.. that's the thing i need to get used to in HK, the noise from the highway. After a while i got used to it. Not too noisy.
Excuse my sleepy face is the best evidence of how i got through the first week. Sleep study sleep eat study that's all i did. Oh ya, i also had facial mask
moving on to our study desks/bed.I studied next to the window,beside the luggage. It's very cozy. It's such an irony that albert and I always fought about space in London.. now for the first time in out history, we are able to study in the same room!

So we divided the bed into half.. he laid his notes on one side.. and i laid mine on the other.. when i get tired, i piled those papers and slept. After that . study again..

this went on for a whole week.

I so miss that place.. !

Auntie is kind enough to cook us delicious meal.. She is such a good cook.. michelin 3 stars! Also another reason for my fatness...

She is sooooo kind! Thank God for that. Definitely God sent angel. She will knock on our doors in the morning when breakfast is ready, the same thing during lunch and dinner. So pampered!

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