Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Happy Birthday to Me, myself and Irene!

This Year birthday dinner was at Waterside Inn, MIchelin 3 stars French cuisine.Very pleasant dinner. (The restaurant is next to Fat Duck restaurant).
Another year. I have lived 29 years on earth....

This year has been very stressful and yet fulfilling. This year has also been the most uncertain year for me.

I finally took the plunge to quit my job, leave my comfort zone... leave my lovely 4 bedroom house in London... and moving to 300sq flat in HK.

Is this path really for me? or I walk out the path myself? Did God really path the way?

I don't know for sure.. i am just trusting God one step at a time.

I left office yesterday feeling very heavy and depressed. There was a great sense of heaviness. On my way home, i walked passed some shops and thought: maybe i can buy something to make me feel happier.

But that wasn't anything , in terms of material that i really want or thing that can make me feel better.

I wanted to talk to someone.I looked at my mobile, who can i call? Who do i want to call? Who can be my listening ear and can share my sentiment.

Thank God that was. Nothing beat old friends. Close trusted friendship has been very difficult to build in the recent years that i have been in London. Apart from my secondary school friends, the next closest friendship that i have developed was during my MSc days in London. Since i started working, i wasn't able to have a close girl friend. Church friends have been mainly hi and bye.

I was better as the night went along.Then i realised the deep longing within me is actually having a strong community of supportive network. Besides my husband, girl friends who can walk alongside with me, pray for me and encourage me and share with me.

That sense of heaviness was actually loneliness. Walking on the street in London, family and close friends being faraway... i feel it's the right time for us to move back to hong kong.

It's time... it's lonely here in London. I miss my familiy =( (apart from Albert).

It's another decade now. I have tasted life in London and i feel it's time to move on to another chapter.

All the more, this year especially, i feel it's time to have a baby... Ha...

I should also spend time with Jesus... i have been having holiday from him...

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  1. God have path us our way in HIS very special blessings. In God we trust, and we shall be fine.

    For you to make this decision, many uncertainty lies ahead. But if you do not take this bold step, you will never find out what HE has for you.

    Yes, you are right about true friendship. I have long realised that true friendship mostly happens while we are schooling, cause that is the only time we are not corrupted with office politics, social status and demands.

    And yes, do join the mummy's club before your body clock gets more stressed out... I promise you that it is a lifetime commitment, worries, sleepless night, stress, but with endless pleasure and joy - I have enjoyed my past 10 months as mum to my little Dameeraa and will not trade any minute of it with anything in this world.

    I wish you and Albert a great year ahead and all the blessings and faith that will walk you through this new chapter in your life.

    May our friendship continues till we meet each other in God's land.

    Nicole SY Lim


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