Monday, 1 December 2008

First day of Pharmacy exam-HK

first of December.. who would want to spend first day of december in a foreign place sitting for a foreign exam..except none other than Mr and Mrs Ngan!
first paper was on pharmacy law... slept at 12.30 and woke up at 5 am to cramp everything into my small little grey matter. Essay questions.. i memorized 5 exam essays from past year's paper for 4 essay questions.. should be safe..
pharmacy law on undesirable medicine advertisment came out in June 2008, not like to come out again.. so i completely ignored it..
only to find out today that it wa one of the 4 essay questions... worth 20 marks. Aiks! my jaw almost droppd.. only scribble a few lines that i could remember ..
sigh... bad start... told albert not going to resit next time.. what's the point... i am meant to move to hk and goyang kaki... ask any wife... who need to sit for exam with husband after marriage?
reminded Albert again and again how blessed he is to have a wife to study with him and sit for exam with him... then after i said that, he feels bad and apologise to me.. ha ... my tactic is working not bad..
now what should i ask albert to reward me to pay off those sleepless night, those dry and wrinkled face and those mental stress for this exam?
that's the problem, there is nothing , in terms of material that i want really badly. can't think of any rewards..i am contended with everything...
exam for the possibility and the shame of failing this exam.
Albertsaid it will be embarassing for both of us to fail. I was thinking to myself, it will be even more embarrassing if either one of us pass.
two more papers to go..
hong kong weather is good at this time... just nice.. like a natural air-conditioner outdoor.
been eating lots and sleeping after meal for the first few days since touched down.. probably jet lag...
i need sleep right now.. after an early wakening this morning.. not to mention those that i cramped this morning didn't come out in the paper.. feel betrayed!


  1. Hi,
    I found you while I was searching for help on HK pharmacy exam. I read a few of your blogs on the preparation on hk exam. Sorry for being hasty, but I am looking for any help for this exam. Would you mind to tell me more how you prepare for this exam? What study materials you used? I knew the HK posion board had old exams paper, are they enough or what is your suggestions? BTW, my name is Frank, a Pharm D in Dallas TX, USA. Thanks so much, Frank

  2. Anonymous12:20 am

    Hi! I'm Carmen, a pharmacist from Australia and I found you the same way Frank found you. I'm searching for help with HK pharmacy exam too. I couldn't really find much information on the net so I thought someone who's done it before would be the best source. I was wondering if you can help me or refer me to the best source? Like what text or books to use, where to find past exam papers. ALso, do I need to do training in HK before the exams?
    WOuld really really appreciate your help!

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