Wednesday, 3 December 2008

3rd day of battle-HK pharmacy exam pharmacy practice

very eventful few days. not just about passing or failing the exam, to be more philosophical, it's about will power, determination and about "loosing face". sigh

Thank God for his provision. He provided with a great place and very comfortable place for albert and I to study for this exam.

albert and i often fight about "space" while we were in london. i always wonder, how much space is sufficient? 4 rooms and 4 toilet in the house, yet albert and i still fight about space. reason being we can't find our things and it's so irritating.Albert is super neat person and i am not. Yet i am able to retrieve and find things ha! that's the power of my small lil' brain...

for that very reason, both of us should NEVER share study room together. After 2.5 years, we got better. We at least can share the same study room right now.. yet still dangerous ground..

ironically, we are able to get on with each other while we were studying for the past few days.,. until yesterday.

i was at the verge of giving up. The topic is so wide... and i can't do calculation.. yeah yeah maths is not my favourite, so i just told albert i am not going to study anymore. After all, which wife in the world haveto sit for exam after marrying their husband, except me!

afterall, he can pass the exam and work while i go teach piano or sell cosmetic and MAC.

so that started the whole argument and went sour. Albert insisted that i should persevere , since we have gone this far. So i ignored him and put on my facial mask and rest lo! BTW, this is my favourite mask.. not expensive.. i bought from Mannings pharmacy. This facial mask is cooling and hydrating, aloe vera... the skin feels just SO GOOD! from taiwan... highly recommended..

due to the current stress and the time that i have at my disposal, well sort off, when i feel overwhelmed i will just have this mask... been having it everyday! Vanity i my second name ma...

that only lasted as long as the facial mask. I felt bad .. so i studied and tried my best.

I didn't stay late, slept around 12, woke up at 5 am and continue to study.

Paper was okay, better than imagined. Hopefully i can pass... but if i fail, i am so NOT going to sit for this exam again.. !

I am too old for this stress!

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