Wednesday, 26 November 2008


i am over 25 and my skin tells me so too
i am vain and i am paranoid. I don't hate acne so much coz i enjoy the squeezing.. but i HATE ACNE SPOT
it stays on my skin forever...
yesterday i read that skin turnover increase with hydration. Oily skin doesn't really means oily, it could be rebound oil, meaning the oil is secreted to overcome the dryness of the skin. Our body own's mechanism.
now my skin being like a fried food make sense now. oily on the outside, dry in the inside.
have decided to have "skin diet". meaning minimal cream on my skin for one week and let it breathe.
Apparently, water based skincare is good for dry skin as the last thing u wanna do is to clog the pores with oil-based product.
so the only thing i am going to buy in hong kong is laneige (korean brand) hydro sleeping mask and water essence.
essence/serum is better as it's much more concentrated and smaller particles mean better penetration into the skin. use before moisturised.
so much for vanity..
i did think of laser intervention too.. what's the point of spending all my money on skincare product when i know that it doesn't work to remove the spot/freckles on my skin. Just get rid of it once and for all..
but i am a coward... i'm afraid the laser on my face .... plus i don't know any dermatologist personally...
come to think of it, i already lasered my eye.. so  face? hmnnn

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