Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Malaysian style-pizza at ASK

This is probably the longest 3 months in my life.I have to serve 3 months notice since i officially handed in my resignation.
Was late to work this morning. My "colleague" called me on my personal mobile. She is worried about me, she said. Even my manager is not worried YET, but she seems like a "worrier".
Then i thought , hey i already handed in my resignation letter, what else can they do to me? Ha...
Even that, when she rang me, i was round the corner to my office anyway. My manager came in later than me this morning. She might as well get worried about my manager. Too much time in her hands, too nosy...
Anyways, being an introvert like me who is better with small groups, i am having my leaving go one by one. So today i went to lunch with my other friend from another department.
We ordered a pizza named verucia something. Boy,i didn't expect a pizza to be that spicy in England. We both enjoyed it! Had a good catch up with my friend/colleague.. told her about my resignation, my plan and my life...
I told her that it seems that whatever my plan is, i find it difficult to fit baby into my plan. It's like either i put baby as priority or i feel baby is in my way when i plan.
Financially as well, if albert and i move to hong kong without securing ourselves with a job, no way we can afford ourselves,not to mention another human being!
My friend advised me that it will never be a perfect time and it's always better to plan it now than leaving it later. Ya... i know.. albert and i are not getting an younger. PLUS it's a gift and grace from God, not like buying goods where you pay and you will get your goods.
food for thought. Albert and I have both quit our job. Now we are at major crossroads of our lives. We can only seek God and pray and ask God for instructions for the next step. A walk of faith definitely..
on tiptoe to see what God has planned for us.

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