Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Prince Albert Wave

The weather here in London was quite cold and windy two days ago. I was working in the office, explaining our prescribing project to my colleague when my phone rang.

"I locked myself out of the house, i have been standing at the balcony trying to get hold of you for the last half an hour.Please save me .."

That's Albert.
I told my manager i had to leave immediately to rescue my husband

As soon as i was walking towards the bus stop, i saw the bus that i needed to take. But it was quite a distance.. so i ran and prayed that i can catch the bus.I caught the bus.

Then as i was walking into my estate, i saw Albert, was nicely "tucked" in the balcony, super small balcony, enough to accomodate one people.

There he was freezzing to death, in his home clothes, without a key but with his mobile phone..

That's the irony. He was checking out the door to the balcony and he didn't realise he couldn't opened the door from the other end. He doesn't normally carry a mobile phone in his pocket when he is at home . Would you? But THANK GOD that day he did.

Poor albert.. He did think of jumping from 1st floor, but didn't. Imagine him without a phone , stuck in a balcony until i got home!

When i saw him, he was standing at the balcony, and was giving the "queen elizabeth wave.." to me.. i wish i had a camera then...
Well at least irene was the hero of the day !

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