Monday, 13 October 2008

Memory loss

Lately been quite forgetful and scattered brain.

Can't seem to remember where i place my things and went searching around the house.. missing appointment and dates...

The worst was i couldn't remember whether i washed my hands after using the toilet.. Just joking HA!

It's quite a scary thought.. not able to remember anything...

Will life seem empty without memories?

Does life have meaning without memories?

History is part and parcel that make us who we are today..

I am beginning to loose it... it's not me.. i am always someone who remember where i keep my things and able to retrieve it very quickly..

Albert says that's the symptoms of lack of sleep and late nights. That's so true. Lots of late nights... been sleeping around 1 to 2 am.

It's a new beginning to me.. and a new me... MUST aim to sleep at 10.30 am for those cells to regenerate and for my brain to consolidate my hard disk.

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