Thursday, 30 October 2008

How to make website search engine friendly

I have created a website for my brother, Joshua Tan, professional photographer and owner of Idees Photo Studio at Kepong. Primary website is :

I have also created a website for my own portfolio for make up and hair. I called it iCbeauty -( i see beauty) at

The problem is they are not search engine friendly,

So these few days, i have been severely distracted to look into how to make website search engine friendly.

Distracted because i should be studying for my pharmacy license exam in 4 weeks time. 3 papers :pharmacy law, pharmacy practice and pharmacology.

Did i hear passing rate? 40% ....

i am prepared to fail..


  1. Shyan Yih3:41 am

    Now, now dear, you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. Don't speak failure into your life. Speak blessings into your life =)
    He chooses unlike how man chooses. He chooses to uplift the poor in spirit and weak and humble the proud and rich.

  2. Thanks Shyan Yih.. i know i shouldn't say that.. i was reminded of In GOD I TRUST this morning..

    so small faith.. sigh

  3. Nah....don't worry, don't be too hard on yourself. Faith takes time to build. I'm not any better either. But He is faithful :) Whatever the outcome, He is still in control. All the best ya for the exam :)

  4. thanks a.. thank you la !


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