Monday, 20 October 2008

Courage to resign

*Phew* i never knew this is difficult. I handed in my resignation letter to my manager just now.
It's something bigger and deeper. Not just the couple of few thousand pounds of increment in my salary.
It's the job satisfaction. I find that i am not doing things that my heart can resonante with.
I am not sure what is the next step for both Albert and I.
We are taking the plunge with God holding our hands.
It takes a lot of faith, and trust... without the sight.. people normally quit with the job line up.. but not for Albert and I.
We'll see... instead of fear, i feel excited as i do not know what God has for me... but it will definitely be something GOOD. Romans 8:28
Check out this equation:
You have a GOOD life, but without GOD : GOOD-GOD= 0 you have an empty life
BUT if you have nothing , O but you have GOD : O+GOD=GOOD you have a good life..
Cool huh?
I am being reminded that my life should be built on the pursuit of God and Christ in my life.
Thank you so much to those who read my blog. Thank you for listening to me and encouraging me when the goings get tough and celebrating with me when things go well.
I REALLY appreciate all of you.

1 comment:

  1. Shyan Yih3:32 am

    Good for you girl :)
    So happy for you. Indeed God will lead you as you continue to put your trust in Him :)


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