Thursday, 25 September 2008

This is not my home

I didn't get any increment in my salary for covering two other of my colleagues for the past 9 months. According to the NHS pay policy, unless my manager thinks that i have acted up vertically, doing more doesn't valid me to any increment of salary.

Bottom line is : I have been silly in taking on more tasks and responsibilities when it wasn't made formal.

Second bottom line is : He didn't think i deserve it. He didn't think i had taken more.

I have now reached my threshold of this workplace. Although i had my ups and downs at this job, sometimes i think i can bear it, looking at the flexible hours etc..

I did ask myself... forgetting the money and salary, and just looking at the job that i do: do i enjoy it? Is this something i can do for any year? Instead of something else?

My manager has been in NHS for the past 17 years and he will continue to be until he retires. He is happy where he is and he is not going to climb up. He is just going to be.

It's hard to move up when my manager is happy where he is.

Thank God i have some quiet time in my corner in office. The words about having a home in heaven really put things into perspective for me.

My manager has agreed to submit our revised job description for review since last year. It is still sitting on his desk today. 12 months has gone with those lies and empty promises.

Part of me want to go through grievance and make a formal complaint for all his lies.

The other part of me say it's not worth it, i just leave on good terms.

I leave the judgement in God's hands. God knows.

I just have to trust God with all my heart and feed on His faithfulness.

I have no job lined up after i quit and no idea what i will be doing. I need to pray and ask God to open the door for me.

Three years into this job, i think it's time i moved on, putting aside all those grievance i have.

My manager doesn't appreciate me and i am tired of proving myself to him that i am worth it. He is not helping me to progress, not to mention stifling me from moving forward.

I do pray and tell God that i forgive him as no one is perfect. I don't want to hate him. I pray for him that God will give him wisdom and a righteous heart.

I forgive him with the forgiveness of God. I don't hold any grudge on him.

I hope i will be obtain my PR , then i can resign.

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