Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Preparation for Permanent Residence in UK

Well well passing Life in UK test is only the first step.
Yesterday i took out all my passports and check my blog to record all my departure from UK over 5 years. Not easy .. i have to go through each stamp on the passport and jot down from where i flew in from and how long i was away.
Having a blog definitely helps as i have been writing this blog since i first arrive London. Thank you Violet for introducing and teaching me !
The next thing is to prepare all the documents, including my original birth certificate, which is not with me at the moment. Tough..
Also to add to the nervousness, it cost £950. If i have incomplete document, that £950 is gone and i have to pay another £950.
Have to pray hard and prepare it really thoroughly.


  1. yikyu4:21 pm

    i do understand how you feel. Have gone through that also when i'm preparing for the documents for WHM. Now still haven't got any answers yet

  2. You are most welcomed! Hope everything has gone well with the application. Jiayou! :)


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