Thursday, 11 September 2008

Penang Trip Nov 2007-Memories to cherish

Albert is not a Malaysian but he Loves food. Last year i decided to bring him to Penang and taste all the food.
My friend Kaye has kindly accomodated us and was a fantastic tour guide.
We ate non stop from one place to the other.
The side effect was Albert had too much good food that his tongue got desensitised !
Having all good things all at once has its side effects!

Albert eating some seafood call "helicopter".I am a tourist and i am in Gurney Drive !
Very Good Prawn Noodles at Bukit Mertajam
The chairwoman of this Hungry group
Yam rice and mixed organs from Piggy (I am a true Chinese)
This photo reminds me of school .. are we back in 80s?
We finised our Bukit Mertajam eating, now moving on to Penang ..Muahhaa
Kheng Pin cafe- This is VERY GOOD!!! This owner was invited overseas to prepare this!
Albert, those green stuff is definitely not from me !
I like asam laksa but that one wasn't that great
Chow Kuey T - So expensive this one RM 6 by the sisters... i quite like it, but she put MSG in it la. Nikky my buddy from pre-u in Taylors college met up with me.Haven't seen her for at least 5 years !
I love that small fried fish i was holding, super yummy. Don't know what it's call. Another helicopter, not really my fav!
Lay chen, my buddy from Uni.
Karen Ng,friend from Southampton. Very fruitful Penang trip i must say !

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