Wednesday, 3 September 2008

I am a Loser

I am such a loser. Three years i am in this job and yet i have not make myself enjoy what i do. Worst still i can't analyse my hatred for my job and i can't rationalise what is it that i don't like about my job.
Worst.. being a loser myself, i cried when i told my manager in my one to one that i am unhappy in my job. I am doing 3 person's job with no support, and i am being cornered. I mentioned briefly about money. I am not going to do 3 person's job with no increaes in pay plus no support. I have to fight so hard to delegate task to a data analyst, what's the point?
I told him i am prepared to leave.
Loser la... just whinge and cry and not do work! Because i hate my work ma !

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