Thursday, 25 September 2008

Fear and Faith

Albert and I are at a crossroads of our lives. We are also in a period of uncertainties.

No job, No finance stability etc....

No one likes walking on ice, not to mention walking on water (like Peter). Uncertainties are not very popular for a lot of us, especially when 1 million people lost their job at this credit crunch.

Yesterday Albert was leading a prayer betwen us. Something he said struck me: the mother of Moses had lots of faith when she placed her dearest child, Moses in a basket and then placed the basket in the river.

Imagine you are the mum. Would we have the same faith to let God take over the providence of our child? Do we submit our loved ones/ things in God's hand like Moses's mum.

I realised that God will only work when we are willing to place it in His hands. Until then, nothing is going to happen.

Pharoah's daughter saw Moses. Was it coincidence? or Providence?

Did God not engineer every events in our lives and this world since He created us and the world?

Is he not the God who became like us and lived with us? Is He not the GOD who is interested and care for eveyr single details of our lives?

I have reflected on this story. A story that has become so familiar to me that i didn't ponder and stop to think about Moses's mom.

Today, i am reminded to place "my moses" into God's hand.Place my dreams, aspirations, career, fulfillment, security in His hands.I am too small to take control of my own little life.

I shall not fear.. The Lord is my Rock and my salvation, what can man do to me?

When God is seemingly "silent" He is working. I have to live by faith, not by sight.

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