Friday, 19 September 2008

Cinderella after 12

Bad news... my manager said he is unable to remunerate me any penny for the cover i did in the past 9 months.

From a team of 3, it shrunk to 1 . I was the only pharmacist working in the team with my manager.

From being responsible to 14 GPs, i covered 41 practices.

BUT i do not qualify for any financial remunerate, reason being: it was a horizontol staff cover.

The main point being my manager
1) did no offer me the opportunity to act up (one of my colleague who left was one pay band higher than me)
2) did not think that i took on responsibility ( vertical vice)

That was how he got away with it. He said i can deliver but he is not paying me.

He rather pay a temporary pharmacist and let her manage the whole team (except me) when i asked him again and again for management experience.

Crafty.. Argh.. i don't like him.

I have been silly. I took on work when he asked me. He said : " this is good for your CV etcc." YA right! I told him: " there is a difference between doing the mundane job and doing the task that will help me to progess. There is no one else in the team now, i end up doing all the mundane job.. "

Bad management and very poor workload management. No sense of forward thinking at all. Bad change management.

I was disheartened.

So i took a step back and say no to extra cover as it does not fit with my job description.

Managers talk.. hate them!

I am so desperate to leave him. I dont enjoy working with him and i certainly don't want to work for him.

Job market is bad out there... and it's not wise to leave a permanent job.

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