Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Our Malaysian meal at Shu's place

Shuwen has kindly offered to cook us curry last night. So me, albert and siew went there. We had super authentic curry chicken and okra sambal. Both of the sauces are from private dealer in Malaysia. Can't buy it in the store.

All four of us were happily eating, with our nose running, cheeks blushing. That meal also went well with white wine from new zealand.

Today i had tummy upset. Runny poo. :p I asked albert whether he's okay. He said he's fine. I think my intestine is not used to so much of this all at one go. We asked around too..

Turned out that the only one NON-Malaysian is fine with his tummy. Albert is definitely well trained by now. Last night all of us were blwoing our nose etc.. Albert's face didn't change a bit.

Still it's worth it! Ha! Few trips to the loo for me won't hurt.. i just treat this at cleansing haha

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