Monday, 18 August 2008

Malaysia Boleh

Once a Malaysian, still a Malaysian.
Lee Chong Wei made it to finals and finished with Silver. Still i am so proud of him! Well done young man. Don't be discouraged.
I would love to watch the game but it was a Sunday and i was in church. Nevertheless, Olympic is still my favourite. But i do question about competing etc.. but in this game i see a lot of perseverance in it. The athletes trained day and night for just that few minutes performance for gymanstics... some fell off the vault and apparatus, yet, they didn't give up. I saw that Japan guy fell off the bar twice but he finished it well. He fell, he climbed up again, he fell and he climbed up again and he finished his routine.
A good reminder for me as well.. Patience and perseverance is such an virtue.

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