Friday, 15 August 2008

Letting Go

Lately, the lesson has been around letting go. Letting go of our rights, letting go of what we think is right, letting go of our expectation, letting go of the things we want to pursue. Above all, the challenge is letting go of anger and forgiveness.
Two groups of my friends are facing the betrayal of "contract", mainly renting contract. They moved in together into a flat share, one of them decided to move out. It's not so much of the money or rent they say, it's the betrayal of trust. They entered into an unspoken contract where they were to move in and share the flat together. One of them broke the "contract".
Although we may argue that if it's written in black and white, it would be better. Is it? Maybe better in terms of monetary compensation. But who is going to pay for the emotional compensation? This reminds me of divorce as well. Yes, being married and signed on the legal document is to protect the woman. They do get reimbursement, but what about the hurt and emotional compensation?
In my opinion, the only way to heal ourselves of hurt is to really let go and forgive from the bottom of the heart. If we hold it, the one who suffers most will be us. I do believe to a certain extent that bitterness and forgiveness can cause cancer. Just my non-evidence opinion. So don't quote me on that.
Antidote is always let go and forgive. If we remember every single wrong that others have done to us, how many grudges can we hold ? All of us are not exempt from sinning. Pride, jealousy, power struggle, pursuit of wealth, fame ... we are destroying ourselves with out very own sinfulness.
Even without putting God to the equation, left by its own, human beings are self-destructing because of our own sinfulness.
I do feel marginalised at work. At a deeper look into my heart, i find the struggle for power and money. I want job promotion and increase in salary. I should focus on doing my job well and be faithful in it.
I am struggling because it exposes my inner motive of working, which i personally think it's wrong. I am putting myself in the centre of my work, not the others who will benefit from my effort.
I do acknowledge that office politics is a difficult one and there will not be any place without politics. I just need to have the antidote and shield to it.
Everytime when i let go, little things that happen at work will come and haunt me again. Looks like i haven't completely got over it. I need a breakthrough in this.
As for my friends, i pray that you will not harbour anger in you and God will give you His love to be able to forgive others with the love of our Father who loves us and forgives us each time we go to HIm.

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