Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Prayers needed for my interview on 15th July 1 pm

Dear Wonderful Father,

Thank you for keeping my sister well. We thank you for never forgetting her
despite the lonely journey she feels she was taking alone sometimes.

We thank you for your restoration work during the WBTW, which continues on
to the future. Lord, only You know the needs and wants in Irene's heart.
Only Lord, You know her heartbeat and what is the best for her. As she
seeks Your direction and will as a faithful child, may You grant her open
doors in this interview coming up.
Lord, You know what the future holds for
her. If this is in accordance to Your will, may this interview go smoothly
for her. If there are dangers lurking, may You grant a hedge of protection
over her and direct her paths to the one You want to bless her with.

We pray for discernment and wisdom in this job seeking journey for both
Albert and Irene. In Your time, may it be fulfilled that they get the best
jobs for them for this station of life. And Lord, one more request, please
make it quick.

Thank you, Lord. Amen.


  1. Patrina1:34 am

    Hey twinny,
    Cool blog you have here! May God's faithfulness see you through more decades of your life, with fulfilling milestones for just being you, transformed in the likeness of Him.

  2. yikyu3:42 am

    millions and trillions luck to you!!!


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