Friday, 18 July 2008

My USA visa finally

I have always wanted to visit US. The US visa has been the main reason for my delay. Finally, with the US dollar exchange rate hitting to compared to pounds, the need has become quite desperate. So i took half day leave to get my visa done.
THe process was much simpler than i expected. I prayed super super hard that i would be interviewed sooner. The interview wasn't done on first come first serve basis, it was totally random. With my interview at 1 pm i couldn't afford to be delayed. I prayed very hard.
Thank God he was merciful to me. I reached the embassy courtyard at 8 am and i left the embassy at 10.30am. Not bad at all i must say! 
Also today i finally received my passport. As Irene is not in our office database, i am rather known as Irene, the receptionist turned the courier man away. So i arranged it again.
Finally, my precious passport is with me.
YEAH! US now i come.
Now we have to decide where to go and how long.

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