Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Yes, I got my money back -2

Yes.. we had a 28 degree here in London and today is rather warm. Feels like malaysia..
 and Yes it is indeed a good day. The light at the end of tunnel is shining through. After being through some rough moments and the "suffocation", things are working out.
I got my money back from Oasis liquidation. So that's good news.
It's about timing and about patience.I am pretty sure this is where i fall short and God is teaching me lessons on this. Looking back i would feel foolish about my frustration.
It's a process to go through, of calling the banks and letters to and fro... that's part of living in a modern day society. The more i possess the more things i have to worry about when it goes wrong.
Is it the change of attitude that is required or the need to acquire less?

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