Monday, 23 June 2008

Mens' breakthrough weekend

Last weekend, Albert was away from Thursday to Sunday. He went to "mens' breakthrough weekend" organised by our church. A team from Singapore also came to facilitate. The aim is to provide space and time for people to meet God and for God to break and intervene into their lives and speak to His children. It was also a time of rest for men.
My husband came back with smile on his face. The food was great, which is something that will make Albert happy. He is a simple man; a full stomach is a happy man. I asked for the highlight of the camp and how God has touched his heart. He told me that he wants to love his wife more and love God more.
I am very touched.
Next weekend, it;s my turn.. will be joining the womens breakthrough weekend.I wonder what God is going to speak to me about. I am finding my ways and path in life. I just want to go back to the basics:
I want God to touch the core of my being and to bring me back to the very purpose of my being...

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