Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Reality of Distance

Today i was reading a card that i wrote for my used-to-be my best friend 5 years ago. It was a postcard written when i went to stockholm, sweden on my own. Although i was alone, it was the closest i could get to God. No kidding, i was deeply charged and motivated and fulfilled after that trip. That few days was just spent on reading the bible, writing and reflecting. God spoke to me.
Since then, my friend and i have drifted apart. Althought our friendship has always been long distance, we were quite close, most probably through the letters and phone calls. She is a very close sister of mine from my home church in KL. Last November, as i went back to KL, i could feel her drifting away from me. She used to come over to my place straight after i touched down and just hang out and chat. Last year was different. She didn't call and didn't reply my text messages. Even the chat with her was a bit superficial. Our hearts were no longer as connected as we used to be.
That's life huh... different people gets through their life with different priorities. With those different priorities, they make choices on how they should spend their time.
To me, friends are those who share our journey and willing to share lives with us and vice versa. I am part of  your life, your companio who walk alongside with you, who shares your joy and pain.
Indeed to find a friend who share this mutual commitment is hard to come by.

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