Tuesday, 6 May 2008

May Long weekend

Past One week has been mega mega M.A.D. I was out every night after work.
Monday, went to Lee Meng's place to choose some pieces for my piano diploma exam and her sharing some of the piano playing techniques.
Tuesday went to Barclays capital on women in technology seminar with yue siew and shuwen.
Wednesday i had prayer meeting with three other woman, didn't finish till 12 midnight.
Thursday, two of my ex colleagues, Jamie and Bernadie came over to my place for dinner and make up, to maintain my skills. 
Friday, gave tuition, had a hair cut (again) and rushed all the way to church for a wedding rehearsal as i was the pianist.
Saturday, woke up early in the morning, rushed to church to get ready for the wedding. Our car was the bridal car and albert the chaffeur. After wedding, rushed back to church to practice for Sunday worship songs as a pianist.
Sunday, woke up early too to go to church at 8.30 am. Sunday school during first service, pianist during second. The rest of the day was spent hanging out with Jaycee and terence as we needed to kill time till big birthday bash at a korean restaurant, Arang at 615pm. A surprised birthday party for Mel .. and it worked. I was half dead by the end of the dinner. The rest continued to a disco  but albert and i just went home.
I would thought we would catch up on our sleep, but we didn't I was watching a soap atill 2 am and Albert was challenging himself on the brain game and sramble on facebook on WORD IQ. It was difficult.
Monday was spent catching up on sleep at home! Thank God for long weekend!
Flying tomorrow but a bit weary about TerminaL 5 and British Airways. My plan is to just take ONE hand carry, no checking in luggage. See if my plan works!

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