Thursday, 29 May 2008


had my appraisal with my manager today. Well to be fair, my manager is Mr. Nice. He did give me quite useful feedback to me, not something i do not know already about myself and my work performance, but a reminder.
As i am planning my way out, but i am not telling him that, i was tempted about the possibility of doing MBA. He asked me to look into it and see maybe the organisation can fund partially etc....
i was tempted by the offer... but i am not sure.
I am already disillusion and i am not sure about myself and want i want to do in my life...
Can Masters in Business admin solve my problem?

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  1. Hey girl, don't commit first till u r sure. It takes up a lot of time and money and if you end up hating it halfway, there's no way out. Do what u enjoy doing. Think about it first lah. Don't rush ya.


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