Friday, 18 April 2008

Piano, Headphones, Jackie Chan

I am currently practising this piece. Been on the piano after work and
dinner these few days. I am giving myself few months to learn the
piece before i have lessons with teacher.

I quite enjoy this piece by Beethoven. Need to find another 2 songs
for the exam. I am no where ready for the diploma exam. I am only
starting to choose the songs.

Apart from that, my earphone for my MP4 player broke yesterday. So i
went to Argos , wanting to buy the same type, clip on earphone. Went
all the way to Camden, but out of stock. Didn't wanna wait, so went to
Woolworths to get the headphones, those traditional type.

Sort of regret getting it as it's bulky and quite obvious to others,
compared to the clip on earphones. Well small thing, not worth the
time and the trips.

BTW, speaking of woolworths, Jackie Chan is the face for Woolworths.

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