Friday, 4 April 2008

Tuition- a long forgotten word

I am a youth leader in my church. I have a relationship with the teens , age 11 to 18.
Inevitably, with my role, i was asked if i can spare an hour a week to keep a close eye on E's work. I agreed.
My friend asked me if i am familiar with the education system in UK. Not quite.
Yesterday, i had my gave my first tuition. To begin with, they don't have much homework, compared to my 6 years 9-5pm and 5 years 9-3pm school days. They are very much on their own. Teacher writes comment on their book but do not really give specific direction on how to improve. For example: " the conclusion need more development".
"Did you ask your teacher how you could have develop the conclusion more? telling her that you don't know how to do it? "
She said : " no"
Err. yes, i know what my problem is, but i don't know how to fix it.
That's the challenge i find from my first 1 hour tuition.
All in all it's good experience for me.
Looking back at my school days, i didn't have a tuition teacher. I pretty much did it on my own. I mean the teacher is paid to do their job, just grab them by their hand and ask. If you need, follow them to the toilet and ask them if they are that " busy" !
I was told in Hong kong, giving private tuition and music lessons pay better than a qualified pharmacists. I think the same goes to Malaysia as well. Having said that, i am happy to do an hour or two here and there as a hobby. As much as i don't like my job, when it comes to drugs and tablets, i am still glad that at least i know whether the private doctor that my dad goes to is good or not, or if he is prescribing the right drugs to my dad. If not, i just go to the pharmacy with my dad and buy the drugs.
At least the doctors and hospital can't fool my family members. That's good. =)

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