Monday, 28 April 2008

Touching base

I have been very busy and my diaries are all filled up.
I renewed my passport last week so it was good. Guess what? Malaysia doesn't really change, besides externally and superficially. I thought Malaysian embassy in London will be different. How wrong! The toilet in Malaysian embassy was stucked and stinks. Reminds me a lot about the public toilets in KL when i was there. Those free toilets i mean. Those that i have to pay 20 cents is a different story.
Had 3 days of study days. I noticed that it's more tiring attending study days than being at work.Just sitting there and being talked at and having to understand things etc.
Guess what? My eyes were red and sore on Friday. I am not sure whether it's related, but the night before i slice cucumber and rested on my eyes to prevent puffiness. I have been doing it recently. But i think with time, the cucumber sort of goes off.. and the next morning i had sore eyes.
So saturday was spent at home resting, applying anti-bacterial, chloramphenicol eye ointment every 3 hours. The only satisfaction was my piano student, learning for an hour.
Thank God Sunday was fine and back to work in church. Talked about temptaion of Jesus where Satan all the while in human history is always trying to deter manking from depending on God. "I am fine without God, i don't need God to tell me what's right and wrong, i can run and control my life just fine without him. I don't need Him to tell me what to do.." Sounds familiar?
The rest of Sunday was hanging out at JC and TT's lovely place at west India Quay and (they) making curry puff and us eating! Yummy! Love it to bits. Will make it myself one day.Definitely much easier than my curry mission!
Curry powder from Rajah, Kurma ayam dan daging from Adabi, cumin powder, fennel powder and galangal powder and coconut milk. Dice chicken, potato and sweet potato. Boil egg, slice it and place a small slice on the pastry when wrapping the content and making the puff. Yum...

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