Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Random things

our church in Shaftesbury Avenue, Londonphoto by R.Lau

After my curry mission and 18 hungry people partying at my house on Saturday, i was dead exhausted. Still i had to drag my half alive body from the bed at 8 am, to get ready for my church, Chinese Church in London, CCIL. Our church is in Shaftesbury avenue, 5 minutes walk from china town. Since April 2005, the year we bought this building, more people has streamed in. This month, we have our second service to accomodate the increased number of people.

Kalun was with us on Sunday. He is the youth worker who started in March. He lives on the top floor of the church. The rest of the day was spent chatting with him and his korean wife, Euna at his nice cozy flat in the church. We ended the day with a meal at Corean Chilli in china town.

I was shattered on Monday. I have overworked myself throughout the weekend, from the 5 hours curry mission to the chatting and socialising.

Today, in the randomness of things, OASIS announced that that they are going for liquidation!!!! Which means the flight that we booked to fly in May will be gone with the wind""" Oh my !! I tried calling oasis the whole morning but engaged.

Oh why oh why? Never once it crossed my mind that OASIS air lines will go bust.

Yesterday,i invited Esther, Terence and Yue siew to our place for dinner. Esther asked siew how she got to know me. We travelled on the time machine back to the days when we were 7 years old. As we recalled those days, we realised we were in the same class from primary 1 to form 5 (Yr 11 in UK). We were in the same class and we hang out throughout those 11 years. Wow! As we work down our list, we realised that CLGoh was the only person who have been our classmates for 11 years. We were the only 3 who survived those reshuffling of classes, and stayed together. From 1A, to 1T to 6T in primary, then 1M to 4B, then 5B in secondary schools.

Primary 1
Form 4, Year 10.

WOO HOO!! We were "THE" triads. Happy thoughts! The Good old DaysI text CLGoh in Msia to tell him our BIG realisation. Not bad, we'v been through a lot .. and we are still in touch with each other.

Thank you siew thank you CLGoh for the years of frienship and many more to come.

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