Tuesday, 15 April 2008

My piano lesson

Albert bought a digital piano, Yamaha few years ago. He learnt piano as evening classes before he met me. According to him, after he met me, with all those dating etc.. he had no time and therefore he stopped.
Since i moved into his house, i seldom play the piano. I would rather watch soap or Gray's anatomy than playing the piano. The other day, he was getting ready to send the piano to a new owner when he started moaning and blaming me for not giving lessons. He said i have not made use of my piano skills to teach.
With that i immediately put an ad in gumtree for piano lessons. Not long after, surprisingly, someone contacted me for lessons.
I have given 2 lessons to my student and so far so good. Not sure how she felt. I prefer contemporary piano than classical pieces. Mainly because playing chords give me space for creativity. I can fill in with whatever melody i like when i am playing accompanying for songs, something like what Elton John plays.
Giving piano lessons also helps to awaken the dead Irene for classical. It's not too bad. Maybe i was too young then to appreciate classical music. Right now, i thought of taking it up and preparing for Diploma.
Yeah yeah Iriny thinking big again...

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