Thursday, 3 April 2008

It's been a long run

It's April 2008. My first blog entry was in December 2002. Violet introduced me to the world of blogger.

Then, blogging wasn't that popular as today. In fact, a lot of people were hesitant about broadcasting their lives on internet. I did it because since i'm the author, i decide what should be published and what shouldn't. Of course, having a small group of readers count too. Although one part of me wish that thousands and thousands of people read my entries, on the other hand, if this is a personal diary-like blog, with no profit making intention, then it should reman this way.

However, if i were to start a business blog, then i'll have to find ways to "recruit" more readers. If that's the case, then the content will very much be different.

Looking back, i have been blogging for 5 years and 4 months. Some has just started bloggin in 2005 and have gained popularity and from popularity, they have entered into the world of media and gained much freebies .Companies needed their wide network and approached them. So in the end, the intention was "modified", from personal diary to business.It all depends on the intention of the author and the intention of the blog of course.

Business is definitely a long run and the passion has to be there. I have only started to do some marketing and i am already finding it taxing. I have to always think of where to advertise, which website to tell people about my service etc. Sometimes i ask myself: do i really want to go through all these hassle?

I now begin to understand the hardship my brothers have. My brother started his own studio 15 years ago. It has been a long run. We the family, who are meant to be insiders, have been outsiders. What i mean is that we didn't really fully comprehend the hardship that he went through and could have been more understanding. It has been a long run and a tough one for him. We are not rich families who started a business with lots of cash flow and money. We just started with the little we have.

Business is not easy as there are lots of competitors and photographers could have bee more highly regarded as professionals. Westerners appreciate art and photos more over here in London. Still it doesn't make business any easier.

Like my blog with my rainy days and sunny days, my brother's business has been a long run as well. Hard work, perseverance, loneliness to name a few that comes with the package.

Joshua Tan, my brother, I admire you, for your talent and for your perseverance. I am sure this is merely the beginning of an exciting journey.

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