Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Is today gonna be different?

Yesterday, I wrote "is today gonna be different" on my chat status to express my need for motivation and inspiratino to get through my working life.

Today is definitely different from yesterday. Someone knocked our car this morning on our way to work. To my surprise, there was no dent or anything. The 18 year old driver, wasn't from London , and wasn't driving his own car reluctant to give us any details of him, like his name and car driving license. Albert has been knocked before and he suffered from neck and back pain only after the accident. So, this time he is more cautious. The 18 year old "late teenager" reluctant to give us his details because he is afraid we make a report and his insurance will go up.

So we called the police. After few minutes of chat, the police spoke to him using our phone and he reluctantly gave us his name and showed us his driving license. Before he left, then only he revealed that it was not his car.*Hmph*

Anyway, on that beginning, i came to work. At least i managed to catch my old school mate shanice on google chat before she started her work in Toronto.

During lunch hour, i walked to the nearest post office to send my claim form to Oasis, with my brolly and strong wind. All the way that, and the post office was closed! Arg! So irritating.

Last night, i went to a "women in technology" talk with a topic: Banana Skin, bottle neck and elephant trap.It was in Barclays Capital, Canary Whard. The drink was at 30th floor of the building, over looking river thames and manmade lights. Nice view. The real view is much better than the photo. Photo from the womenintechnology website.

About woman in the workplace and how we are being unequally treated or in a environment where we have to work harder to prove ourselves. Very good speaker. I then have a think about myself and my career. Where i want to be in 5 years time? I don't know. Where i wanna do in 20 years time, in terms of career. Blank.

She did make a point where i think NHS did a great job in supporting mother back to work. Flexi hours where you can start early after you drop your kids to nursery and end early so you can pick up your child in nursery. If we are given the budget, or people see the importance of it, we can have a crash within the same building. Aren't that great?

I must say NHS is good in terms of benefit and supporting people with family. Maternity cover for 9 months but can take up to 1 year and compulsory to give flexi hours for mothers. If your child is ill, you can take carer's leave. Fathers of a newborn child too can take paternal leave of 6 days.

Well coming back to my career path, i am still very lost. Lots of people on my floor has moved on. The personal admin of my manager has become a premise modernisation officer now. The other project officer has become head of GP contract. They started at a lower band than me but now they are on the same level as mine.

Sometimes i wonder, maybe i have boxed myself in "pharmacy". I want to think out of the box and do something else but don't know what!

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