Friday, 18 April 2008

In the Arms of My Father by David Chumchal

There is a place that i know
where i need more often to go
A place of amazing comfort and rest
Where a smile is never rare
And your love is as free as the air
and i lack for nothing
when i can see
the love in Your eyes
and know that it's all for me

I fear nothing at all
When i'm safe in the arms of My father
And if ever i fall
I take comfort in knowing
that You are there

It's a very special song because it encouraged and comforted me when i
first came to Scotland in 1999. I loved it so much that i wrote out
the lyrics and stuck in on the wall next to my single bed back in my
Strathclyde Uni halls of residence.

Now it's in my bible. Someone once e-mailed me asked me what is the
title of this song. I replied to apologise that i couldn't remember.

I searched high and low on google and on my old laptop but i couldn't find it.

Finally, today, i tried the YAHOO ANSWER facility. I just typed in the
lyrics and asked if anyone knows it. Wa la ! I got the answer in less
than 12 hours! So happy !

If you are reading this blog, that's the name of the song and the
artist! Thanks for asking me because i need to know it myself too. YOu can listen to the song from here.. It's from the Vineyard album "You shelter me"

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