Tuesday, 29 April 2008

I am angry at THIS-Austria 'sex captor' due in court

You really have to read this to come to terms with the reality that this is the world we live in.

AMSTETTEN, Austria (CNN) -- Three children of the Austrian woman held captive and raped by her own father for 24 years were still in hospital on Tuesday having treatment following their horrific ordeal.

The eldest of the children, 19-year-old Kerstin Fritzl, was in an induced coma.
It was her serious condition that led to the unraveling of the case at the weekend when her alleged father Josef -- the 73-year-old she thought was her grandfather -- was forced to take her to the hospital in the town of Amstetten, west of Vienna.
Josef Fritzl, a retired electrical engineer who has now admitted fathering seven children by his captive daughter Elisabeth, faces a possible 15 years in prison if charged and convicted of rape.

She told police her father began sexually abusing her at age 11. On August 8, 1984 -- weeks before she was reported missing -- her father enticed her into the basement, where he drugged her, put her in handcuffs, and locked her in a room, she told police.

She is reported to have been made to write a letter which made it look as if she had run away from Amstetten, a small town about 130km (80 miles) west of Vienna

For the next 24 years, she was constantly raped by her father, resulting in seven children, six of whom survived, she said, according to the police statement.

She told police she gave birth to twins in 1996, but one of the babies died a few days later as a result of neglect, and Josef Fritzl removed the infant's body and burned it.

Elisabeth told police that only her father supplied her and her children with food and clothing, and that she did not think her mother, Rosemarie, knew anything about their situation.

The security chief for Lower Austria, Franz Prucher, said he had been down into the cellar where it was easy to understand how the abuse was not discovered.
"The cellar is very deep," he said. "There you can cry and nobody will hear, nobody. There you can cry as loud as you can, you can hear nothing

Police continued to question Josef Fritzl and he led police to the underground cellar on Sunday. A day later, he confessed to raping his daughter, keeping her and their children in captivity, and burning the body of the dead infant in an oven in the house

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