Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Do not judge,do not preach

Was in church Friday night and the whole day of Saturday for a Breakthrough training. Speakers are Pastor Edmund chan, Anne chan and Tony Yeo from Covenant Evangelical free church in Singapore.

I was very encouraged and blessed by their sharing. Their conviction is the transformation in the lives of Christians. A vibrant christian walk and life is a life that is being transformed day by day, to be more Christlike. To be transformed is also about constantly having breakthrough in our lives.

A lot of people are hurting, harbouring unforgiveness in their hearts due to the sinfulness of others. The world is looking for places to heal their inner hurt. Some become addicted to pleasures to numb their hurt and pain, others seek pleasure to fill their emptiness and loneliness within them.

The world shout about cosmetic surgery and make overs. They believe in changing from the outside,looking good will give you confidence. In Christ, He is only interested in one thing: our heart and changing from the inside out.
Besides, we need to cultivate a culture in a church where people feel secure to share their inner most struggle. It's time we put down our mask. We wear our mask to work, family, friends... but church is the last place for us to continue wearing our masks. Christ loves us just the way we are. We don't have to strive and perform to earn His love. But Christ loves us too much to want us to stay the same. He wants to set us free from our fear, insecurity, unforgiveness etc..
One thing that i was reminded is NOT TO JUDGE AND NOT TO PREACH. We are so used to preaching to our friends, including our church friends: you shouldn't do this, you should do that.. etc.. Most of the time, our job is to go to God and pray for that person. Be a intercessor and ask God to touch their lives.
On that note, when i received the fake item from Ebay yesterday, i didn't know who to go. I was afraid that my friend would judge me. So i kept quiet, prayed and wrote in my diary.
It is a precious thing to have a friend that do not judge nor preach to us. I am being reminded that i want to be that kind of friend to those around me.

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