Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Dispute money transaction

one thing about money is that you can earn it back. Time, on the other
hand, is irretrievable.

Lookig back, i am still pretty sore over my £420 mobile phone
contract. I wrote letters etc... but i still didn't pursue it
further.Mainly because the phone company wrote to me and say that i
handed in the cashback claim and invoice late. Well in actual fact, i
was late. So that was my carelessness. I still haven't recovered from
the guilt as i am on a pay as you go phone. At least, i am in control.

Second claim is on the Oasis liquidation. I've written to my credit
card company to claim the refund. Hopefully i'll get my money back.

The third is hot from the oven. I bid something from the Ebay and i
received it yesterday. I did ask the buyer whether it was genuine, and
he replied :

""hi, there i bought it for my wife when working in dubai, so bought as
genuine, my wife loved it, but as i say has too many, hope this
answers your question"

With that, i bought the item.
Now i want my refund as as naive as i was i believed him when he told
me he bought it as genuine. I wouldn't have thought a husband would
buy something of low quality to his wife? With that hypothesis, i
bought in in good faith.

Later the seller did apologise but would not refund. This is wrong. He
betrayed my trust, not to mention my money. It's not so much about the
money, it's about honesty and integrity.

He even blamed me for my wreckless bidding and wasting other people's
time. He knew it wasn't a genuine goods he was selling. He blamed me
for believing his words.

I am very angry. Angry over this act of dishonesty. I have escalated
my claim to dispute in Paypal. Tomorrow i will also report to Ebay
about this man selling fake item in Ebay. If needed, i will also
report to Trading Standards about him.

It's against the UK law to sell conterfeit goods.

Why do people lie? They lie to get what they want, at the expense of
betraying the trust of others.

Sad sad...

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