Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Classic fever

Right.. after my big headed dream last night of taking up classical piano and preparing for Diploma piano, which is one level above Grade 8. I did translate that to action. I called my friend who is taking one level above Diploma and asked her about it. She offered to play her pieces to me at her place. She also offered to cook dinner than play her pieces for us after dinner. What luxury!
I printed the syllabus from Royal College of music ARBSM and searched for the pieces online.
I started with Beethoven because i like him. This website: They have the score as well as the music which you can listen to. My favourite so far is Sonata in C minor (Pathetique) Op 13. I have printed the score and i will have to start learning them before i find a teacher to teach me the technical bit. I have to be famniliar with the basic notes before my teacher can teach me more.
I think this is more like a challenge to me and also gives me a bit of direction to use my spare time.

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