Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Bigger screen

I work for NHS.
Today, all of us were given bigger computer screen, 19 inch. As i am typing this, the words and the colour are staring right in front of me. 
I was telling my colleague that i don't really need bigger screen for my computer. I get on all fine with my old one. What's all these taxpayer's money being spent on bigger screen, when i would prefer it to be spent on additional nurses on a busy, under staffed ward. 
Wants and needs. 
We want a lot of things in life. In our wanting, we forget that a lot of people out there need shelter, food and education. If we analyse our spending of money, i wouldn't be surprise that 80% is spent on our wants. Yes, bigger screens, flatter TV, bigger toilets and bigger beds. The media, the advert, our friends are all urging us to spend more and want more. 
The voice of feeding the poor and meeting the needs of others are almost unheard of. 
Today i received a bigger screen, but i am not happy. 
A lot of people blamed God for the hunger in this world. 
But today God is asking us, as a human, as a race, what are you doing about it? The more we indulge in our wants and comfort, the more we are insulating ourselves from the poor and needy. 
Given the situation before us : What are you doing about it? What are you doing to your fellow human race? God asks....

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