Monday, 10 March 2008

Where i am at

It's Monday today and i thought it will be a fresh new beginning for the week.

Depends what is fresh new beginning, londoners definitely didn't have
a great start as far as weather is concerned. We had what BBC said,"
Severe gales, heavy rain and hill snow ". My colleagues were wet by
the time they got to work. That is the main reason Albert discourage
me from buying any fabric-made handbags, be it Guess or Gucci.. Paying
through my nose for fabric-made bags is definitely not worth it.

I made the best use of my flexible working hours this time to avoid
the rain at 8 am.

I have a job interview coming Friday and i need to give a 10 minutes
presentation on " the evolving rold of prescribing advisers in the
next 2 years". I was meant to start reading around the topic and
prepare for it but i didn't. My mind was too occupied on the
advertising bit of my business, and learning about how google ads

Business is definitely hardwork and very different from salaried job.
How do i find clients, where do i find them, what makes them tick
etc.... Plus you have to cover your cost, before even talking about
profit. My utmost admiration to those who took the plunge.

Before i even start, i have to prepare for my interview coming Friday.
Can't bear the thought of embarassing myself in interviews.

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