Friday, 7 March 2008

Park - been a long while

I have always loved London parks. When i was a student, i have more
time to walk around central london and had more opportunites to spend
time at the park.

Quite fond memories where london parks are concerned. V and I got lost
in the park and we spent hours in the park, taking photos as we found
our way out. When i met K for the first time, i brought her to the
park. I used to spend one afternoon with George taking photos of the
birds in the park.

Last Sunday, after a long long while, i visited Hyde park with
anthony, angel , ex-colleagues. All of us were pharmacists, except for
Anthony's wife. His boy, michael is adorable.

We chat, and michael loved feeding the swans and playing at Princess Diana playground. I
also saw real swans with their wings spread out for the first time.*ahem* i am a city gal.

It was good relaxing moments for us and a great place to spend our Sunday afternnon.

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