Wednesday, 19 March 2008

is it because i am not good enough?

The other day i indulged on my addiction to Taiwanese version of
american pop idol. A twenty year old guy challenged Aska ( a popular
contestant) with his singing. In the end, he was behind aska by 4
points. He cried. Boy he really did.

In the end, he did tell the audience that he was upset because he has
set Aska as his standard. If he managed to win aska, his singing has
reached a certain level. The judges said he has his own uniqueness, he
got a lower scoring mainly because of his interpretation of that
specific song.Maybe his performance and interpretation of the song
doesn't fit the song profile, while Aska did it in a very soothing and
relaxing way.

Same as interview. I didn't get the offer for the job i interviewed
last Friday. In a way, i am thankful. God has allowed me to experience
how close and how invovled he is in my life through this event. I
actually felt good after the interview last Friday, as it was a
horizontal move. Doing the same thing i am doing, just in different
organisation and more pay. I answered all the questions, which is like
a checklist for me. I am on the right track. The head didn't quite
agree of some of the things i said.

God comforted me on Monday through a friend who said : it;s not that i
am not good enough, it's just that the job profile doesn't suit me.
Quite right.

I was not that disappointed in the end. It was good experience and i
enjoyed it. I did have my reservation about the job, and it's more
travelling.. and now that i didn't get it, i can just stop thinking
about it.

They didn't get anyone for that job. 7 applied, 2 shortlisted for
interview, i am one of them.

Faith is about knowing God's character, He knows what's best for me
because he cares for me. He is more involved in my life than i

That's for sure

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