Friday, 7 March 2008

Brain emptying

There's too many things going on my mind that i need to empty them and
organise them. Just like how we format our hard disk and organise them
in the respective folders.

I received my certificate on my make-up course dated 29th Feb 2008.
Quite a memorable date as it's the leap year.

This week has been hectic because i spent a great deal of time
launching my new career : Photograpy + makeup+ hair styling. Over
here, there are all 3 separate professionals and the poor bride has to
ask around or google to find them on separate occasion. So i thought i
could fill this gap. There is definitely possibilities in this, i am
confident of it. It just needs marketing.

So i have been churning my head, thinking about it day and night..
yeah i found something else that keep me awake now. It's all new and

If you have any friends getting married this year, please refer
him/her to me at

The wedding photographs portfolio can be viewed from

That aside, i am going for an interview next Friday. Say a prayer for
me. I have not started preparing it. I need to give a presentation on
" the evolving role of prescribing adviser in the next 2 years".
Simultaneously, there is another vacancy in my organisation,
horizontal move but different department, doing different thing
whereas the former is just doing the same job in another organisation
for more money.

Life is full of possibilities... and starting something new is
exciting but it's a long journey.Perseverance is another thing

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