Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Winter Malaysian Steamboat 2nd Feb

The best thing to have during winter is definitely steamboat. So last saturday, i invited my fellow malaysians over to my place for steamboat. Melissa, Nicholas, Airene, Chris with baby Ian, Jaycee, terrence, wei ling and both of us. We had a great time. The soup base was great, from "little gemus kambing" the name of a mongolian soup base from Sichuan. Trust me, it's good. I even sent those to my eldest brother in Cheras who opened a steamboat buffet restaurant at Taman Connaught, main road next to the highway. Do visit it's definitely worth it. It's eat all you want.

We had lots of food, home made recipe marinated pork chop, chicken breast, Korean beef, korean kimchi and radish, prawns, thai fish cake, Taiwanese Shacha sauce, and my Mum super yummy home made malaysian belacan.
We had a great time, eating, chatting and joking of course!Last but not least, Wei ling fried salted fish with Tauge. YUmmy!Jaycee cutting the salted fish from chinatown, which they named it salted mackarel
Oh yes, did i also mentioned the world's hottest chili.. and after you have it, you end up like a wolverine?

Most important of all, we had a great connection with each other!

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  1. Melissa Chong6:19 pm

    Great blog and cool website. Too bad I'm too lazy to write blogs..hehe but i definately enjoyed the steamboat..especially the fresh prawns and korean beef.. yum yum!! Good get-together for Chinese New Year in winter.


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