Wednesday, 6 February 2008

The note on missing home

Chinese new year.. is here.. and i MISS HOME.. I REPEAT.. I MISS HOME !!!
Albert and i had this conversation before on :" Why are we here in UK? " Well for jobs and for money. No doubt the prospeect for pharmacist are much better here than back home and comfort and quality of working life.
Then the one million dollar question.. would you trade all these to be with your family? your life and blood?
My answer is YES i will. Being away since i am an adult means i haven't really spent time with my family members as an adult. Spending time with family from age 0-20 years is definitley very different from 20 years old and above. Now we get to talk to our parents like friends and really got to know them as a person. I got to have conversations with my elder brothers. That  is sweet.
I called home today, everyone was around, except me. That broke my heart.
It's like those missing pages in a book. Albert has been away since 18. Two and a half decade has gone by... too many missing pages... and now we are racing against time.. to spend as much time with his mum as possible.
From my end, i don't want to be only spending time with my parents are old or ill. Time, once gone , is gone forever.
Home is where my heart is.. and my heart is definitely with my family in Malaysia... UK is never my home ...

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