Tuesday, 5 February 2008

My new found excitement - Make up for Black skin

My teacher, Maryellen Lamb (surname lamb) on the top left

Travelling back to time capsule, last friday, i learn about make up for black skin. As far as the eyes go, green or blueish eye shadow goes well with them. As for blush. it's super super red or plum, and on their skin, it will just be natural colour for them. The lip colur has to be coffee or chestnut coloured to stick. Oh of course, foundation. That was the tricky part too. My foundation colours were too pale for her. So i needed to borrow off from my classmate, mixed with dark brown to get the right colour.
I worked on my model. My combination of blue and green looked good on her, since she was wearing green as well. Her lips were tricky, as she has a pink lips by nature.
I enjoyed my lesson, as it gives me a sense of satisfaction in the end.

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