Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Make up Lesson-Catwalk model for fashion designer

Last week the lesson was on fashion designer.Each of us chose a fashion designer and make-up a model for that fashion designer. In my research, i was attracted to a fashion designer named John Galliano. His works are as below:

YOu can probably tell .. i am going for the tribe look.. and that fake eyebrow... i would think that would be a challenge.. and i like challenge..Also albert with his artistic instinct has drawn out those few lines all the way above the eyebrow on a newspaper the night before WITHOUT seeing the piece of art at all! Amazing albert!

My classmate, N, has also eyed on John Galliano, a different one.. it's that black eyes with red lips.

OKay.. are you ready? So we started the lesson.. and N worked on me...

She is very dedicated.. she followed it through.. and she actually put shiny red thingy on mylips

My final look :

Wa la.. scary... !!! Then it's my turn.. on her..
Unfortunately, no matter how much i try to conceal her brow... it's still too dark to be concealed... so i didn't draw the fake brown at her forehead. Same look on different people will have different effect.. but it's not too bad..

Others , as you can see, is less dramatic as ours..

The rest did wipe off their face. I didn't as i thought it's only once in a life time.. and it's purely fun.. so i decided to go home with it. I left with p, another classmate of mine.. and we were hungry. So we decided to take the tube to china town for food before going home.

Well well i have truly estimated the effect of my look on others. Everyone was staring at me! When i walked out of the tube station, one man who was walking in opposite direction grabbed my hand as he walked past me. I got a shock !

Then we went to hong kong cafe in chinatown for chicken wings and fried noodles. Needless to say, the stare continued, including those who were passing by, as i just happened to be sitting next to the window.

When i took the tube home from chinatown to manor house, i dare not look up, i just stared at the floor and closed my eyes when i was in the tube.When i reached home, albert got a shock too.. and we decided to make best use of it.

But that's not it. Albert was happy with the look, it's more round.. it should be elongated.. so he did some touch up..connecting the two black circle and making it longer... and adding my fake brow with white shadow.. ..

-check out those white brow by Albert
and this will remind you of someone from the movies......

What a fun night! Ha ..

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